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How frustrated MIGRAINE Sufferers Can 
LIVE A PAIN free LIFE, forever!
 Learn The Truth About 
Headache &
I will share what I have learned over 38 years and thousands of patients on how to gain far more control over your life without toxic pain medication - Absolutely Free!
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What You Will Learn On This Free Class:
Secret #1
How Body Chemistry impacts EVERYTHING! 

Learn how to enhance your body-chemistry at home. Reduce toxic pain meds & expensive doctor bills. A well balanced
body-chemistry will help you eliminate  headaches and migraines.
Secret #2
You're NOT Carrying a "life-Sentence" of pain and disfunction
You are not alone!   MILLIONS of people suffer from headache and migraine. But even after decades, and generational migraine...the cycle of PAIN and PILLS can END....HAPPILY.  
Secret #3
The #1 reason why your body is a slave to your particular TRIGGERS
Headaches and migraine show up when your body doesn't adapt to STRESSORS. When you can't efficiently adapt, you lose!  We'll show you why, and what to do.  

ATTENTION: It is NOT Your Fault!
If you've been told you'll have to "LIVE with the PAIN"  We say - "not so fast!"
If you think that spending a lot of money on doctors and medicines is the answer to getting rid of your headaches and migraines, YOU ARE WRONG
 Your problem is filling someone's pockets!  Right?  
Now, Let me ask you a question....
How Would your LIFE be if you were 100% headache free? 
You probably think that you have you have tried everything in the book... Pills, supplements, doctors, tests... Everything!   YOU HAVEN'T! 

 In this free Webinar I will introduce to you the Newest Technologies available, that really DO WORK and I will show you examples of people who have used both self-help and doctor assisted recovery paths successfully after decades of frustration and pain.
What If You Woke Up With a Clear Head and Not Have to Suffer The Constant Pain? 
Just think about it... Headaches and migraine affect every aspect of your life. The pain you feel affects your relationship with everyone around you, including your family. It makes you cranky and moody, you avoid interaction with other people because the pain becomes unbearable. 

Headaches also affect your performance at work, they make you less productive and at the end of the day, it makes you hate your job. 
AND NOW WE LEARN - "Migraine may cause brain damage"
A life "BEYOND" headaches is a happier life!
Dr. Jeff Finnigan has enjoyed a long career. After retiring from daily practice, it was evident that Dr. Finnigan still had a lot to give to people around the world suffering from Headache and Migraine.  "The internet is amazing! I can assist people across all boarders without leaving home, and at a fraction of the cost." 

Dr. Finnigan Fast Facts
- Board Certified in a technology perfect for Migraine
- Hosted television show (3 years) on KSTW, Seattle
- Hosted Healthy Wealthy and Wise Radio Show on KOMO
- Best-selling author of "Life Beyond Headaches"
Don't Just Take Our Word For it... 
Here's What Others Have to Say About Dr. Jeff Finnigan
"Being an actor in physically demanding roles such as Mannix could have been debilitating. This technology over the years has helped me maintain my health and busy schedule."
Mike Connors, Television and Screen Celebrity
"Dr. Finnigan offers a fresh and highly workable approach to creating a headache-free lifestyle. His six point solution for chronic headaches has created relief for tens of thousands of people..."
 Entrepreneur Illustrated Magazine
"Dr. Finnigan's approach is systematic and straight-forward, a must for anyone committed to personal vitality."
Senator Ray Moore, Seattle, WA
"I had headaches for nearly four years and was taking seven pain-pills a day and in a constant fog. Dr. Finnigan made a 100% difference in my life. I really think he saved my marriage."
Valerie Davis, former headache sufferer
"Suffering with recurring pain from migraine, cluster, tension, hormonal, and sinus headaches? This book is must reading for chronic headache sufferers..."
George Grobbins D.D.S.
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